It is my job to make sure we plan fun and exciting science experiments and activities, from testing our senses with our little Inquisitive Babies to making it rain with our Little Thinkers.

It has been very busy at Inquisitive Thinkers HQ over the last few months, planning, experimenting, practising and finalising our Autumn Term programme. We have so many fascinating topics to explore and activities to discover including friction, acids, salt, water, bubbles (including standing inside a bubble!!!) butter making, floating jelly fish, fingerprints and so much more.

I am very keen that our little ones’ science adventures are not just limited to our sessions, each week I will provide further activities and ideas to do at home to continue our Inquisitive Thinkers’ journeys of discovery.

Right, I must get back to making our green and purple slime. If you have a science question or a topic you have always wanted to explore, please send me message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

See you all soon,

Sidney x




I just love everything to do with Technology; designing, building, making and testing! There are many different areas of Technology that we are going to be exploring in our Inquisitive Thinkers classes from looking at different materials and textures with our Inquisitive Babies, building bridges and towers with our Inquisitive Toddlers, introducing the exciting world of coding to our Advanced Inquisitive Toddlers and designing and building machines and toys with our Little Thinkers, not forgetting to mention, sewing, cooking, electronics and a whole host of other fun and inspiring activities we have up our sleeves!

Technology allows our little ones to explore and investigate how things work, problem solve, learn about sequences and procedures, in addition to expanding their language and communication skills and perfecting their gross and fine motor capabilities. Most importantly though, it is all about our Inquisitive Thinkers having fun!

Catch you all later!

Tungsten x




Please check back soon to meet the rest of our STEM robots!