Our first stage class is for babies aged 4 to 12/13 months (just starting to walk). Each session is structured to stimulate, surprise and delight your little one, activating all five senses.

We introduce our Inquisitive Babies to new textures, sounds and rhythms, shapes and colours through weekly topics and themes. Each session is filled with exciting discoveries, combining the use of music, sensory learning, messy play, arts and crafts and movement, where our babies are encouraged to investigate, explore and interact with the world around them.

During this stage in their development, our Inquisitive Babies are making rapid growth in all areas of their cognitive intelligence, which in turn aids their communication, movement and social skills. Our programme of study supports these important milestones, providing opportunities for unique learning experiences which foster the innate curiosity of babies.

At Inquisitive Thinkers, we know first hand the importance of making time to bond with your little one. We ensure that the structure of each session, and all activities, are created in such a manner to promote this growing relationship, creating precious moments for you and your baby to enjoy together.


Programme of Study – Autumn Term 2017

To be announced shortly…