Our middle stage classes are split into two age groups; Inquisitive Toddlers, for those aged 12/13 months (just starting to walk) to 2 years and Advanced Inquisitive Toddlers for 2 to 3 year olds. Each session introduces our Inquisitive Toddlers to an exciting new concept within the STEM curriculum, feeding their innate thirst for learning and eagerness to explore.

During this stage, we have a particular focus on our children’s mathematical development, with activities specifically tailored to aid number confidence (from 1 to 10) and quantity recognition. Young children naturally recognise patterns and sequences through their daily routine and individual play, teaching themselves how to sort objects using comparison and classification techniques, for example separating out a particular soft toy or choosing a certain colour of building block to play with. We build upon these learning landmarks, and take them to the next level by illustrating key numerical skills in a fun, interactive and creative manner.

We continue to develop our children’s understanding and exploration of sounds and music, introducing them to more complex rhythms and musical features, along with expanding their knowledge of shapes and colours. Our Inquisitive Toddlers will start to become more self-confident, with their individual contributions during sessions increasing, along with their use of language and vocabulary. As they become more independent and self-aware, we will witness them beginning to learn and recall key scientific facts and use trial and error methods to solve problems, as their motor skills improve.

Our Advanced class start to gain hands-on experience of simple science experiments and engineering/building skills.


Programme of Study – Autumn Term 2017

To be announced shortly …