Little Thinkers is our pre-school children’s class for 3 to 5 year olds, where science comes to life! Each week we introduce, develop and explore an inspiring new scientific topic, jam packed full of hands-on experiments, investigations, discovery and reflection.

The sessions are project based where we guide our children through set activities to test out hypotheses, explore concepts and learn new skills. Our Little Thinkers are encouraged to participate during the interactive talks and conduct their own experiments, gaining the confidence and skills to pursue their learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

Sounds and music will continue to play a key role in our programme of study and we will be reinforcing and building upon our Little Thinkers’ understanding of shapes, colours, numbers (1 to 10 and beyond) and quantity recognition, giving all of our children a broad and varied experience of the STEM curriculum.

Each week your little one’s curiosity will blossom as they become independent and creative inquisitive thinkers, inspired to learn with energetic enthusiasm as they continue their learning journey and prepare for their academic future.


Programme of Study – Autumn Term 2017

To be announced shortly …