About me

Hi, I am Jayne, the founder of Inquisitive Thinkers and mum of two energetic young boys. With a background in Mathematics, having gained a 1st class honours degree in Maths at Loughborough University and my PGCE at Oxford University, one of my main passions in life is STEM education. Before taking a break from teaching to start a family, I spent nearly 10 years as a Secondary School Mathematics teacher, the majority of which was as a Head of Mathematics leading onto an Assistant Headteacher.

My more recent experiences as a new mum, have taken me on a steep learning curve, even more so since my second child arrived. I know and appreciate the value of finding fun, educational and varied activities to do with my two boys each day. I understand the benefits of attending good quality classes with them, where they can gain hands-on experiences in a safe and nurturing environment and for me to have an opportunity to meet like-minded parents and engage in adult conversations.

I have used all of my knowledge, understanding and experiences as both a teacher and mother to create and develop Inquisitive Thinkers. I offer a new and original baby, toddler and pre-school programme which introduces, develops and explores the fascinating subjects in the STEM curriculum – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, an area of education missing from classes already on the market.


About Inquisitive Thinkers

I was inspired to create Inquisitive Thinkers having witnessed first hand the enjoyment children of all ages can gain from a love of the sciences and the importance of igniting this interest as early as possible. There is scientific proof that the sooner young children, especially girls, are exposed to the sciences, the more easily they are able to make a connection. Our aim is, and always will be, to create an environment where a child’s natural curiosity and inquisitive nature can blossom and to provide classes that captures the children’s interest in science and STEM education, sowing the seeds for their academic future.

One of the most precious moments as a parent is to watch your child discover something new, accomplish a new skill or gain the confidence to achieve something they have been reluctant to do. At Inquisitive Thinkers, we ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for you to sit back and marvel at your own child’s development, watch them discover the world around them, interact and communicate with the other children and most importantly see them having fun.

Inquisitive Thinkers is more than just the weekly sessions, learning does not stop once we have packed away! You and your child will be given the skills and tools to continue your scientific adventures at home with parental notes provided each week along with further ideas and activities on our website and social media pages.

Inquisitive Thinkers is the class you can’t afford to miss out on!